College Prep

"AIC has been invaluable in providing me with resources and expertise for my application to Oxford. The academic rigour of the International Baccalaureate programme at AIC enabled me to become a competitive applicant for admissions, and I received superb guidance from the UK university counsellor on the application process, and choosing the right course and university for me. The school alumni network also provided me with advice on my personal statement from successful past students. Needless to say, I felt supported by the AIC community in every step of the process."

AIC graduate Linda Li

    Prepared for anything

At AIC, our university entrance preparation programme offers specialist university counsellors, SAT preparation and interview coaching, giving AIC students the best preparation for the top universities. Beginning in Year 11, AIC students start the university application coaching and preparation process. Counsellors prepare students for SAT tests, explain what university admissions officers are looking for, provide individual interview coaching and, because of their specialist expertise, can explain the best ways to apply to various universities.

    A counsellor for everyone

Our university counsellors ensure our students are as prepared as possible as they go into the university application process, regardless of where they are applying. AIC provides a United States and Canadian specialist counsellor who assists students with applications to universities in these countries. AIC graduates applying to UK, Asian, European and Australasian universities have a specialist counsellor who gives personal advice on the choice of universities available and on application procedures, to ensure that students are thoroughly prepared. We also provide a Korean specialist counsellor who assists students with applications to universities in Korea. Our IB Diploma students have a global advantage, as the IB Diploma Programme is very well known and highly respected internationally by university admissions officers who understand how well the Diploma Programme prepares its students for tertiary study.

    Global university destinations

Our IB Diploma graduates leave our campus prepared for success in higher education. AIC students consistently gain admission to top schools around the world, from the United States to South Korea. Since the first graduating class in 2006, AIC alumni have gone on to study at Cambridge, Oxford and the London School of Economics in the UK; Harvard, Stanford and Ivy League universities in the USA; Seoul National and Yonsei in Korea; and the University of Tokyo in Japan to name just a few.