Established in 2003, Auckland International College (AIC) is an independent day and boarding school of approximately 380 students, located in vibrant Auckland, New Zealand. AIC offers a 3-year senior secondary school education, focused on preparing students for entry to top universities worldwide. AIC is the only NZ school where all students study the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and it has the largest number of IB Diploma students in the country. Students can benefit from studying in a safe and caring environment with an emphasis on assimilation with New Zealand's people, country and culture. Our comfortable student accommodation, recreational facilities and Auckland City's never-ending selection of extra curricular activities, make AIC one of the most attractive places to be educated.

    High expectations

AIC operates a selective entry admissions policy, based on the requirement that students demonstrate a self-motivated attitude to learning and based on English and Mathematics placement tests. This ensures students will thrive in the IB curriculum and will be successful in gaining admission to quality universities. At AIC, we are strongly committed to our mission statement: "To provide students with opportunities for higher academic achievement and a place in the global community as valuable, contributing and responsible members." We strive for academic excellence and aim to provide pathways to top universities. IB students must learn more than one language and we encourage them to respect their own cultural identity as well as the cultures and practices of others. At AIC, we help our students develop into open-minded, caring, principled and balanced young adults, while providing opportunities and fostering future leadership in the global community.

    A learning environment

AIC’s internationally recruited, experienced and dedicated faculty hail from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Through classes and educational activities, they engage students with a range of approaches to learning – from small group work to the use of sophisticated information technologies – in order to ensure that the needs of all students are met, and that their communicative skills are developed throughout their course. AIC provides a learning environment conducive to academic achievement, with modern and technologically advanced classrooms. A multi-media library and technology centre enable AIC students and faculty to access, research and retrieve information globally. The library, science laboratories and art suite have all been designed and equipped to meet rigorous IBO standards.